We create Batik since 2015

I began to study Batik since 2015, being quite an adult, I am an economist by education and my work was not connected with creativity, but 2014 (the war in Ukraine) changed a lot in my life, I had to leave my city, be left without work and think about what to do next in my life? This difficult period for me gave me the opportunity to stop, pause, look inside myself and ask: “What else can I do? What can I do, create?

As a child, I drew well, but I was not interested in drawing on paper, painting on silk always evoked delight. I began a period of self-education and creative search, I wanted to do something with my own hands. I remember my first viewed master - a class on batik, such delight, such a surge of positive, the master did everything easily, beautifully, and I decided that I could do it too.

This was the beginning of my journey in batik. Ahead of me were many hours of studying batik material, master classes on silk painting techniques, searching for suppliers, choosing colors, and now my first little picture of "Irises" was painted, how much joy, delight and even pride in myself I felt then.

история мастера 1
история мастера 3

We create since 2015

I understood the main idea: work can be creative, generate income, give me joy and beauty to people. This is how the idea of painting scarves was born.

I paint scarves on natural silk in two techniques: cold batik and shibori, using professional, high-quality dyes, so scarves keep their good looks for a long time. Scarves can be chosen from those offered on the website or you can order your own one. My second creative direction, Resin Art, appeared quite recently and completely fell in love with me. Epoxy painting originated in Australia and it was Australian artists who brought it to the world. For several years now, Resin Art has held the position of one of the most popular and exciting techniques in Australia, the USA and Europe. And I, too, did not stand aside.

Reisin Art is an epoxy painting technique by pouring. Color dyes, pigments, glitters, and even bulky objects such as pebbles, shells or even moss can be added to the resin. This allows you to create all kinds of interior items: from paintings, panels, dishes, and ending with pouring tables and floors. This is a great idea for an original gift.

I invite you, my dear clients, to our store... I am always glad to create beauty for you and give a sea of positive emotions.

We will emphasize your individuality by creating a unique product
Elena Khvorostyanenko