How to care for an epoxy resin product?

- Wipe with a slightly damp soft cloth, and then wipe dry. This will help avoid divorce.

It is forbidden:
- cut food on the surface of the tray with sharp objects.
- leave for a long time on the surface with direct sunlight and constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If the product is exposed to the sun for a long time, its rich colors may fade. Short-term exposure to sunlight does not pose such a threat.
- wipe the surface with solvents, use acetone, alcohol for care.
- do not put very hot dishes, use coasters, saucers, napkins

Can epoxy resin be wetted?

Epoxy resin products are stable and durable, but they must be treated with care. Do not drop them, expose them to strong water and detergents, try to bend them.

Can you put hot food on an epoxy tray?

If you put a hot frying pan, cups, pan, then stains may remain. Therefore, it is recommended to use napkins, coasters between a hot object and a tray.

Can you repeat the tray like here?

The craftsman pours and mixes each product on the surface, depending on the type of product, according to his author's sketches. Exact repeatability in the subsequent new product is not possible - this is the uniqueness of each handmade product. In each work - the master's love for work and the desire to bring a piece of beauty from himself into this world.

How long will it take to create a product?

Pouring and mixing, depending on the complexity of the composition and the type of product, can take up to two weeks.

I have an idea, can you implement it?

Each product can be made in any color combination, but at the same time everyone will be unique, since the resin art technique draws its own pattern every time. Send us your idea, and the master will create a unique product according to your description.

What are the pre-order conditions?

Deposit 50% at checkout (purchase of materials). Balance payable upon approval of the finished product.

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