Resin Art tray. Epoxy resin and pouring technique

Resin Art came to us from Australia and this epoxy painting technique gives a field for limitless creativity with a wow effect. When the resin components are mixed, the polymerization process takes place and the finished work looks like glass or transparent plastic, or with a glossy effect. Epoxy resin when creating trays, coasters, bonfires, gives depth (for example galaxy effect) or creates something very close to natural (for example marble texture). Our master Elena also uses pigment powders (gold, silver, bronze) and glitters (glitters) as additional elements when creating products.

Резин Арт поднос, резин арт, поднос, дальняя галактика
Resin Art поднос, резин арт, поднос, мрамор
костер из эпоксидной смолы, резин арт, костер, подставка, космос

In our shop, the Resin Art technique has been presented recently, but already now you can appreciate the beauty of products and pick up something for yourself.

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