"Marble Handsome" bonfire made of epoxy resin

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The craftsman pours and mixes each product on the surface, depending on the type of product, according to his author's sketches. Exact repeatability in the subsequent new product is not possible - this is the uniqueness of each handmade product. Pouring and mixing, depending on the complexity of the composition and the type of product, can take up to two weeks. In each work - the master's love for work and the desire to bring a piece of beauty from himself into this world.

Each product can be made in any color combination, but at the same time everyone will be unique, since the resin art technique draws its own pattern every time. Send us your idea, and the master will create a unique product according to your description.

Deposit 50% at checkout (purchase of materials). Balance payable upon approval of the finished product.

Avoid direct sunlight on epoxy products. If the product is exposed to the sun for a long time, its saturated colors may fade. Short-term exposure to sunlight does not pose such a threat. To preserve the epoxy, be sure to use special wipes for hot objects. Do not cut with a knife on the surface, as this will cause deep scratches.

Product for table setting, can be used as a stand for a cup or glass. The edges are finished. Suitable as a stand for your jewelry, cosmetics, bijouterie. Often ordered in a set of 3, 4, 6 pieces. The price is for one fire.

Prepayment will be 50% per item

Flexible terms:

  • Done Combinations of size and color can be customized
  • Done Hassle-free return
  • Done Safe payments
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Technique "Resin Art"

Unlike traditional art techniques, the canvas of resin art is movable. It is impossible to control the result on 100%. The paints continue to mix even after finishing work and while curing. The result is realistic images of cuts of stones and marble, sky, sea, space, coral reefs. Blending colors and shades on one canvas gives abstract images that will attract attention for a long time.

  • The uniqueness of the pattern, exact repetition is impossible
  • There are no frames or prepared plots
  • The resin has a variety of forms in the cured state - from a smooth surface to three-dimensional figures
  • The material has high strength and resistance to moisture and sunlight
  • Shine and gloss, variety of shapes and lines
  • Ability to create abstract drawings.

Resin Art - the art of painting with epoxy resin

A technique for painting pictures with epoxy by pouring and mixing different colors. The resin is poured onto the surface of the canvas or other base, and the material of different tinting does not mix with each other, but forms separate zones.

The result is usually abstract painting. The resin has a variety of forms in a solidified state - from smooth surfaces to three-dimensional shapes, you can add colored pigments and dyes.

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